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Players Bestfriend
Justin’s POV: 
I waited impatiently outside of Selena’s house with an annoyed look on my face don’t get me wrong I love the girl but I texted her 10 minutes ago that I was here. She finally rushed out of the house wearing 
Looking cute as always. She stuck her tongue out at me her metallic tongue ring shining in the sun. She smiled and got into the car “finally” I said “calm your ass down I was eating you know my relationship with food! Don’t judge me Bieber!” She said. “Sadly I do you eat out my wallet every time we go somewhere cause your always hungry!” I teased. “Ayee I’m small but I like food!” She chuckled and put her feet up on the dashboard. When I parked in the school parking lot we got out I swung my arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to me and kissed her cheek. “Ugghhhh ewwww Justin” she said and pushed me away and wiped her cheek. “I know where those lips have been you horny fuck and I don’t want them anywhere near my face!” I laughed at what she said and smiled. “You know you love me” I winked “eww guys help me Justin’s getting all mushy again” the guys hugged Selena and laughed. “Lenny are you going to Harry’s party on Saturday?” Alfredo asked Selena “nah things happen at those types of parties” “come on Lenny we need a designated driver.” “You the only one that manages to stay sober” Alfredo said “maybe if y’all weren’t some horny stupid asses you could stay sober” she said “yeah yeah whatever Virgin Mary now can you be our ride?” Malik smirked. Selena glared at him while squeezing his pressure point “listen here Malik” “sorry sorry sorry” Malik squealed like a little girl while falling to the ground. “Fine whatever guys I will be your ride” she said “woooooooooo” David jumped
“Come here Selly” I grabbed Selena by her waist pulling her onto my lap as we ate lunch. “Ugh what do you want” she joked I hugged her waist tightly resting my chin on her shoulder. “Want to wear my basketball jersey on Friday?” “Isn’t that for the players girlfriends?” Alfredo asked. “Justin Bieber doesn’t have girlfriends that’s what he has a Bestfriend for” I moved Selena around “so will you wear it?” “Yeah sure” she smiled down at me while I smiled up at her I tapped her thighs knowing I wanted to get up. “I will be right back guys”
Selena’s POV:
Justin left “Lenny you should ask zendaya if she’s going to the party” Malik smirked. “Ooh you like zendaya.?” I smirked and took some of his fries.
“Hey my fries!!!!!!”
“No fries no Zendaya”
“Have ‘em!” He said quickly. 
“Thought so” I said and grabbed a handful of fries “I’ll ask her”
“Aye looks like Justin might get a date after all” David pointed behind me at Justin talking to Demi ugh I mentally gagged she leggit has STD’s written all over her. Her ass is hanging out of those triple 0 shorts which are obviously to small for her. I turned back to the guys with a horrid expression on my face. “Now that’s just gross. If there’s someone that’s gotten around more than Justin has it’s her” I rolled my eyes. “I don’t understand why Justin’s even trying. He has been in that and he said it’s the worst one yet” Alfredo fake gagged. “Aye it’s his dick getting infected” I chuckled “I gotta go though guys” I turned around getting out of my chair walking to my next period.
I walked out of seventh period seeing an only smiley Justin. “What’s gotten into you?”
“What?” He smiled “cant I wait for my best friend after class?” 
“Ugh not smiling creepy like that you can’t” he chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Come on let’s go get my jersey” we began to walk out of the school when I heard my name being called. I recognized that voice I turned around to see the beautiful Logan Lerman. “Hey Logan” I smiled and went up to hug him he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist making my head sink into his chest breathing in his sent. “Want a ride home?” He asked as he let go. “Nah she’s good I’m giving her a ride home Logan” both our eyes shifted to a very angry Justin. “Tomorrow then Selena?”
“I would love one” I smiled and kissed his cheek “tomorrow” I said before turning around an walking to Justin. As Logan disappeared I smacked Justin on the chest “what the hell was that?!” I glared “what” his jaw clenched. “Don’t speak for me! You know I hate when you do that! Who are you to speak for me!” I snapped “oh come on Selly” his eyes softened “he’s not good for you!” 
“No come on Selly nothing. Let me make my own decisions on who I date. After all you do what you want with girls don’t you?”
“You’re right I’m sorry” he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. “I’m just looking out for you that’s all” he gave me the puppy eyes before speaking again “forgive me?” I sighed in defeat “you always win don’t you?” He smiled brightly knowing I’d give in. “Yeah kinda” he chuckled “come on Bestfriend”.
Justin’s POV:
Selena threw herself on the bed sighing. I took off my shirt throwing it at her “eww put on a shirt no one wants to see those scrawny arms” 
“Scrawny? When was the last time you saw me shirtless?” I smirked as she sat up her eyes widening. “Well damn hulk” she laughed and looked down at my abs then back up at my arms. “Like what you see?” I raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Hell yeah who wouldn’t!” She laughed “but don’t flatter yourself”
She took off her shirt revealing her sports bra she likes to walk around the house like that. “Hand me some basket ball shorts” she said I gave her some I turned around so she could change. “You can turn around now” she said she was laying down on the bed I jumped on top of her holding my weight on my hands. She giggled and moved her leg so each of them were on each side of my body. 
“Justin get off”
“Say you love me”
“Say it or I will tickle you to death” I put my hands on her stomach and started to tickle her. Her laugh echoed and filled the room. 
“Justin stop!!” 
“Say it !!” 
“I love you Bestfriend” 
“No say it seriously” 
“Okay okay” she said and put her hands on my chest an pushing me up a bit making me stop “I love you Jay” 
“I love you too selly”
“I can’t believe you still call me that” 
I chuckled remembering when we first met. I was new at school from Canada back in 2nd grade. Selena was playing basket ball with the boys and I was sitting in the corner when she came up to me. “Hi do you want to play?” She smiled sweetly sticking out her hand. “Yeah thanks” I took her hand “I’m Justin”
We began to play she was good I mean extremely good. And me being the sore loser I threw the ball it bounced and hit her in the face. 
“Ouch!” She fell back and held her forehead. 
“I’m so sorry.!” 
“No get away” she pushed me running away. The next day I came to school with a red rose and handed it to her. 
“I’m really sorry about your forehead Selly. Please forgive me?” 
She giggled and kissed my cheek “only if you don’t call me Selly again” 
“No promises” I laughed and hugged her and kissed her head where the ball hit.
I looked down into Selena’s eyes and kissed her head where the scar used to be remembering how we met. She giggled and pushed me off.
“Movie night? Sleep over?”
“Yeah sure get the jersey and put it in my bag” 
I woke Selena by jumping on her shaking her.
“Ugh Justin let me sleep” she turned around digging her face into the pillow.
“Come on Selly belly were going to be lattteeeee” I sat on her but jumping up and down.
“Stop you rapist” she laughed
Well then get up!!!”
She groaned “ok ok just give me a few minutes” “no Selly now!” I ran my cold hands down her back I chuckled when I saw goosebumps fill her skin. “Your hands are freezing” she mumbled into the pillow.
“Yeah yeah now come on!” I got off of her pulling her hand with me. “Do I have any clothes here?”
“Yes you have that black shirt and a vest”
She nodded and ran into the bathroom. I began changing into my own clothes and getting ready. Selena came out of the bathroom in a towel her long brown hair dripping I looked at her raising my eyebrow.
“Justin can I borrow a pair of your jeans?”
“Mine ?”
“Yes boy give me some jeans and your boots.”
I gave her what she needed and got out of the room so she could change. 
“You rock my clothes better then I do” I said
” of course I do” she chuckled.
I laughed and held her by her waist as we walked out of the house.
I walked Selena to her locker she put her book bag in her locker and grabbed a couple of books I turned around getting startled by Demi.
“Hey there Jay” she giggled and ran her finger up and down my chest. I saw Selena roll her eyes before walking away.
Selena’s POV:
I reached the guys leaving Justin and that slut behind. They all looked at my outfit and chuckled. “Slept over at Justin’s again?”Malik asked
This wasn’t the first time I came to school wearing Justin’s clothes. But most of the time I wore basketball shorts or or sweatpants.
So you couldn’t really tell if it was a guys. This is the first time I’ve worn his jeans. It looked a bit ratchet but hey, I couldn’t come naked could I ?
“There’s Zendaya! Go talk to her!” Zayn pushed me in her direction.
“I’m going calm your nipples”
I headed towards her.
“Hey Zay”
“Oh hey Selena what’s up”
“Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to go to Harry’s party?”
“A couple of guys have asked but I don’t like that stuff”
Her gaze shifted behind me and making me follow.
I saw Malik laughing with Fredo and David. I turned back looking at her brightened face.
“Zayn will be there” I teased
“Pshh what? So?” She laughed nervously.
I laughed “come on” grabbing her hand and pulling her over to the guys.
Zayn immediately dropped his book in nervousness.
“H-Hey Zendaya”
“Hi Zayn” she giggled at his shyness.
“Ummm hey guys I think Justin’s waiting for us in the cafeteria for breakfast come on”
I said dragging the guys hands and bringing them to the cafeteria leaving Zendaya and Zayn alone.
“Hey Jay” I kissed his cheek hugging him from behind and sat down next to him.
“Selena Marie, don’t you ever leave me with that..” He giggled like a girl an flipped his imaginary long hair “slut” he glared at me.
I began laughing “oh come on you like anything with a vagina”
I rolled my eyes and took one of his pancakes.
Two strong arms wrapped around me.
“Thank you thank you thank you Sel bear” Zayn squealed in my ear and kissed my cheek.
“For ?” Justin asked
“Ohhhh” Justin smirked “finally” doing a hand shake with Zayn.
Few minutes later 2 other strong arms wrapped around me.
“What is it? Hug Selena day?”
“When is kiss Selena day” Logan’s mutter voice whispered in my ear.
I jumped up and turned to face him.
“Never” Justin mumbled I nervously laughed. He’s so over protective.
“Hey Logan” I smiled brightly at him.
“Bye Logan” Justin muttered Rollin his eyes.
“So ummm I’ll see you after school Selena?” Logan shifted uncomfortably hearing Justin’s comment.
“Yeah sure” I pecked his cheek as he left.
I smacked Justin’s chest once Logan disappeared from sight.
“Ouch, you know this is coming a habit of yours lately”
“And it’s becoming a habit of yours of being rude”
“Selena” he sighed 
“Justin I’m not having this conversation again”
“fine Selena, whatever” he said while throwing his hands up in defense.
I looked up to see the guys staring at our little argument amused.
“And what are y’all staring at?”I asked in an annoying tone.
“Nothing” they chuckled.
“Oh come on Selly belly” he poked my sides.
“You know you love me”
He said in a baby voice.
I rolled my eyes and reached for another pancake.
“Nope” he grabbed my hand and held it tight. 
“Say you love me back first” 
“Jayyyyy” I whined annoyed 
“Come on you know you do” he poked me until grabbing my waist holding me firmly.
“So you do love me? Huh Selly?” He whispered in my ear. His warm breath hit my neck an it filled with goosebumps.
“Yes Justin. I love you. Can I have a pancake now?” 
He nodded grabbing one and stuffing it in my mouth.
“Thanks” I spoke with a mouthful. Not ladylike yeah yeah I know. It was those tiny palm size pancakes cheap schools give for breakfast so I quickly stuffed it down.
Justin’s POV:
I walked towards Selena’s 7th period only to see her leaving with Logan. I punched the lockers in front of me. Why won’t she listen to anyone?
I’m just trying to look out for her. I am a guy and guys know what other guys think. She’s going to get her heart broken for being so god damn stubborn. But I swear to god if he hurts my baby girl I will cut him to pieces. I can’t stand the thought of her being sad. Or crying. Selena is one hell of a strong girl. I’ve seen her cry just once. And that’s when her mom was in the hospital. We were 14 back then. So if he makes her cry I’ll kill him. So what I’m overprotective? I grew up with her. I have a big soft spot for her. An there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her happy. She’s everything to me. The only girl who’s never let me down. And my mom of course. They were my main ladies. No one else. No one can ever take Selena’s big giant place in my heart. Not even my future wife. They are over anyone.